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Warmquelle | Namibia
9 Luxury Campsites
Private Ablution Facilities
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Ongongo Waterfall Campsite Welcomes You

Ongongo means “magical” in the Herero language. It is indeed a genuinely magical, if not spectacular, place. Set in a small canyon in the far northwest of Namibia, an utterly barren landscape with some villages close by—you will find permanent water simply oozing out of the mountain. The water is relatively warm, which allows for swimming year-round.

This community driven Campsite is situated 6 km from Warmquelle. Warmquelle is about 90 km north of Palmwag on the C43. The nearest fuel station is at Sesfontein—Alternatively Palmwag.

Access is by 2×4 vehicles (ONLY bakkies/SUVs), but with caution as the road is rocky and takes some time to navigate through. It is NOT possible with a sedan vehicle. 2 x 4 drivers are not advised to take their vehicles into the gorge, which is 4×4 access only. Vehicles can be left in a parking area at the top and equipment carried down. We highly recommend traveling with 4×4 vehicles!




A permanent water spring is coming out of the mountain, warm enough for swimming all year round.


Crystal Clear Water All-Year Round

Take a walk along the Ongongo creek to the upper level, then follow the stream to its origin where a massive tree shelters a natural spring.


9 Luxury Campsites

Nine luxury campsites which can accommodate eight guests and two vehicles. 


Private Ablution Facilities

Each campsite has its own private ablution facilities.


Hot Showers

After a long day in the sun there’s nothing better than a hot shower to wash away the day.


Shaded Area with Washbasin

The heat can be a bit much sometimes, which is why we have provided each campsite with a shaded area to relax in.

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Private Ablution Facilities
Hot Showers
Shaded Area w/Washbasin
Bird Watching
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Guided Walks

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